Saturday, September 20, 2014
Strategy ? ? ?

Your website might have visitors, but do you really have a STRATEGY?

Are you collecting any of the viewer information so that you can follow up with your visitors?

Where does your business come up when searched for in Google?

Example Profile Page
Sponsors have a Customized Business Profile Page listed in the Business Appreciation Directory on the parish website. Sponsors can easily update their listing for Seasonal Messages and Specials.


A typical Parish has between 1000 to 5000 households in the Parish.

For pennies a day you can reach the entire Parish.

You can't hand out business cards for that price.


Advertise Your Business 

and Reach Local Neighborhood Customers

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The Short Story

What is it?

Example Business Profile PageYour business can purchase a full page business profile on local Catholic parish websites. 

  • These parishes provide a Business Appreciation Directory which highlights local businesses who support their church. 
  • In addition there are also upgrade options which include  a colorful banner that is displayed throughout the website recognizing your business as a "valuable sponsor of the parish”. 
  • Your business profile page can include links to your website, coupons, colorful photos and much more.

How it works?

  • You are able to  build your custom profile page to be placed on the parish website.  (YOU HAVE AN ACTUAL PAGE ON THE CHURCH WEBSITE SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUR BUSINESS). 
  • Now when church members access the church’s website your business is prominently displayed as a “valued supporter of the church community”. 
  • Finally, your viewing statistics are emailed to you weekly.

Why it works?

Your business advertisement reaches a local focused audience on a daily basis. 

  • First, this ad provides repeat exposure to a significant portion of the homeowners and families living in the area.
  • Secondly, “credibility”!  Supporting the local church and community provides credibility that can’t be found in any other form of advertising. 
  • People want to do business with businesses that are close to the community and they feel they can know and trust.
  • Your association with the Church helps you earn parishioners’ trust.

The Long Story

Websites are becoming the primary tool that churches use to communicate with their members, visitors and the community. What this means to you is a large and loyal audience for your advertisement.
The church encourages their members visit the website daily so that they can reach their own members effectively.

Now you can receive the same benefit.  Their visitors mean your visitors.

Churches have these problems

  1. Outdated pages, no current info, pages are an eye-sore, broken pages.
  2. Volunteers change frequently and leave the website in limbo.
  3. A volunteer has to do everything with the website.
  4. Simple changes can take weeks to get on the website.
  5. The church website provides very little functionality.
  6. The church staff has to wait on others for simple updates.

So here is what we do.

  • The Church provides a domain name.
  • Then we provide everything else they need for an Advanced web solution at no cost.

These sites are not a typical website but are filled with a unique combination of Online Tools which bring their members to the website everyday!

  • Online Member Directory & Phone Book
  • Online Event Calendar with RSVP
  • Online Bulletin Board and Forums
  • Each Church Organizations has their own pages. 
  • Each PSR and School Teacher has their own pages. 
  • Online Giving, Athletic Schedules & School Closings. 
  • Online SCRIP programs

Important! Think about it . . . If a church has chosen our service they are already very committed to using this new website as the primary means to communicate with their members.  Otherwise they would still be on their old broken solution. 

Repeat, focused viewers will see your Business Advertisement all year long!

Churchs who implement a Connecting Members site see the value in the new way of using the Internet and are committed to making the portal an everyday part of life for their members.

This means a large and loyal audience for your advertisement.

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